Your First Paying Job

Your First Paying Job

Time has come to do your first job for your first paying client that’s not your mother’s house or a family friend’s house. Your first true customer!

The day before you do your first job site down and write down step by step house you will do the job, What you are doing is writing the first of many versions of your operations manual, For example it should be something like.

  1. Knock on door and introduce myself to the client and talk them through what you will be doing.
  2. Walk around job to familiarize yourself with the job your there to do and make notes of any safety issues you will be dealing with
  3. Set up equipment.
  4. Step by Step key points on how you complete the service your there to do.
  5. Clean and pack away equipment.
  6. Walk around and inspect the job completed with the client to ensure they are happy.
  7. Farewell the client and leave a business card or other promotional material with them.


As you do more and more jobs you will keep on updating and adding more and more detail to this manual. You can only do this over time and with experience. To give you an experience my Operations manual for my business Wash Rite an exterior house and roof wash company is around 60 pages, The manual for just washing houses is 3 pages long.

The morning of your first job arrives and your all nervous, don’t be you have your step by step manual and all you have to do is make sure the client is very happy at the end of the job. Sounds easy well it is. If you cant make a client happy stop your business and go get a job.

You don’t have to be the quickest or the smoothest contractor in your field but you must be the person with the highest attention to detail and best communicator with the client and if you do these two things in my experience the customer will always be very happy.

A big concept i have always tried to instill into my staff is its always better to go one step above and beyond what the client is wanting than to go one step to short. In short in my industry when we are washing a house and we have only quoted on washing the house but they have a child’s play house in the back yard we will always wash that as well and not charge or even mention it, Little things like that are remember by the clients. By doing these small things you build a brand than people will defend and promote to anyone they know.

It does not take flash brand new equipment to give good service, don’t be ashamed of humble beginnings only be ashamed from bad service.


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