Systems are the Key to success

I am sure everyone has herd the term “Business Systems’ or to “systematize ” your business. What this means is for every function in your business there is a system or procedure set up in place and implemented.

What this means is that when it is fully implemented your staff know exactly what they have to do and how to do it and if there ever unsure they always have the operations manual or system manual to fall back on to.

What this allows you as the owner to do is not have to run around and micro manage the business and this will allow you more time to do the important things like work on sales, customer service, marketing they key jobs that actually bring in work.

As a new business owner its hard to work out where to start in systematizing your business. By this stage you should have the basic operations manual for the practical part of your business weather its mowing lawns, washing roofs, or cleaning carpets in place but we all know there is a huge amount of work done behind closed doors in any business. I recommend for one week keep a note pad on you and write down every single job you do for the business that’s not on the job site related, Such as pay roll, order supplies, health and safety, accounts ,marketing, sales, website and social media, and so on. After the week you will be surprised at everything you have done. Now over the following month site down and write a manual for each and every task you have on your list. The manual needs to be detailed and in simple plain English so all your staff and understand it as they will be the ones implementing it.

Once you have done this compile them all and ad them to your company’s operations manual, Over time you will ad, change and adapt the manual as you find new ways to be more efficient.

The key is to be as detailed as you can be, In my business Wash Rite House and Roof Wash i even have manuals for how the guys wash the service vehicle’s. Why may you ask? I have them to ensure all the vehicles are washed and presented in a uniformed way and so i can easily know who is not doing it to the required standard as it will stand out from the rest which are all the same.

Dont think this is a quick process, you will always be working on and updating your manuals as long as your in business, But now you have them in place your main role will be to manage the manuals as the manuals will be running the business for you. A key point to know is that you will have staff that wont like to follow the manual or think they have a better way to do things, Listen to there way try it but if its not more efficient than stay with the manual. If they refuse to abide by the manual fire them and get someone who will.

When your team is on board you will find that you will be able to take 2 weeks or even 6 weeks off and your business will still be running and still making you money while your not there, And this is the whole point of systematizing your business. To give you the freedom to either work on growing the business or doing person things outside of work you like to do.


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