Client Interaction is the KEY!!!!!

Now your business is up and running and you have done your first paying job or two you need to turn your attention to client interaction. What i mean by client interaction is you need to interact with your clients post job completion, Why may you ask? Well for a few key reasons. first you want to try and up sell to that client any services you offer but they have not used as of yet, second of all you want your company’s name to be front of mind for them when they think house washing or any field you operate in.

The first question i always get from new business owners is how to i interact with the client without sounding desperate for there work? Well its easy below is a list of a few ideas that i do in my house wash and roof wash.

  • After the job send the client an email asking how they found your service.
  • If they reply saying they where happy with your service reply with a short email offering them the chance to post a review on your Facebook or google page. Most people who will do this will also like and follow your page, now they will see all your updates and they will never forget your business,
  • When quoting always get an email address and ad that to your email marketing database to send out monthly or quarterly newsletters.
  • If you know there birth date or see there birthday on social media send them a short message wishing them a happy birthday or if there a really good client send them a small gift.

By doing these small steps and they are very basic which is good for new business your clients will think you really care and they will never forget who you are the great work you did for them.

Another great idea is if a client refers a friend to you send the original client a thank you card and a bottle of wine or the referral, I do this all the time and you will soon have a list of 20 clients who refer 2 or 3 jobs a month to you, There is no better advertising than free advertising.

If you live in a small town i would recommend that every time you drive around your local neighborhood you wave to most cars you drive past at slow speed regardless if you know them, It wont take long until you get the reputation of the nice guy in the house wash truck that always waves to to them and you will be surprised how often they will mention that to you when you go and quote there job that they see you waving to them.

I will have posts later on in regards to email marketing and social media marketing and how to get business from these area’s.


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